Ballroom Dance Charlotte - Dance Lessons
  1. Private Dance Instruction
    Private lessons are the most effective method of dance instruction.
  2. Group Classes
    Group classes are a great way to be introduced to new dances as well as to reinforce what you have already learned.
  3. Private Events
    Hire our instructors to come to your next big family gathering or corporate event. We can teach a group class to
  4. Choreography
    Our instructors are experienced in creating choreography for wedding dances, showcase routines, flash mobs, talent shows, musicals, and other fun events.
  5. Corporate Events
    We have several options for your next team building event!
  6. Youth Dance Classes
    We partner with a non profit organization called Youth Dance Foundation. The foundation teaches kids age 5-18. It is free to join and constantly accepts new students.
  7. Performance and Demonstrations
    Our instructors can be hired for simple demonstrations up to a full multi-dance performance. We also can include performances by the kids in the Youth Dance Foundation.
  8. Create Your Own
    If you have an idea that is not on this list, please discuss it with us. We always love to think outside the box!