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About Us
SKY Dance Company was established to bring joy to the members of the community through the art of Dance. 

SKY Dance Company was established in order to provide a variety of services to fit your dance needs.  

We believe that each client is unique and has individual ideas for what they want to achieve. Rather than the "one size fits all" approach, we create a specific program based on your goals and your budget. 

We embrace unique requests that challenge our creativity and knowledge and we love to watch as our clients develop a new skill. 
Whether it is a choreographed first dance, an upcoming event, a flash mob, or a company team building activity, we guarantee that you will walk away feeling proud of what you were able to accomplish and excited about your new skill.

Our highly qualified instructors can turn your ideas into memories. Whether it's your first dance as husband and wife, a routine for a talent show, or a flash mob for a public event, we can give you the confidence to rock it!!
First Dance
Showcase Routine
Wedding Party Routine
Talent show performance
Flash Mob